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Comfortable, safe, and reliable transportation like no other

Access to healthcare services is vital to everyone, especially for seniors and individuals with disabilities, injuries, or illnesses. And with their fragile conditions, they may face transportation challenges, leaving them unable to attend to their essential medical appointments. While most of these individuals rely on an immediate family member or from a circle of friends to take them to their destinations, many factors can still hinder them from getting there on time. This is where Non-Emergency Medical Transportation (NEMT) comes in handy.

Care Trans Solutions LLC believes that everyone deserves reliable transportation. With our NEMT services, we help patients of all ages get the medical care and assistance they need. Whether for seniors with limited mobility, post-surgical patients, or individuals who are still recovering from an injury or surgery, NEMT creates alternative arrangements to reduce danger and hassle.

Our NEMT service covers:

a woman assisting a disabled senior man

Senior Care Facilities

Your senior loved ones need access to quality care to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Our NEMT team will take your loved ones to their respective health appointments, enabling them to not only cope with their underlying conditions but also enjoy activities with their peers.

a man assisting a woman into the van

Rehabilitation Centers

After an accident or injury, rehab sessions are necessary to get a person on the road to recovery. With that, you can trust that our NEMT team will take you to your rehab sessions safe and sound, providing reliable door-to-door transportation, care, and assistance.

a woman on a stretcher

Dialysis Centers

Attending your dialysis sessions is vital to your health and recovery. And we understand that finding reliable transportation to regularly get you to the dialysis center safely and on time can give you peace of mind. As such, you can trust that our NEMT team will take you to your appointment with the utmost care, comfort, and a fun experience.

We also offer NEMT services to and from the following:

  • Shopping Centers
  • Family Vacations and Trips
  • Events and Activities
  • Treatment Centers
  • And More

Entrust Your Loved Ones to Us!

At Care Trans Solutions LLC, you can rest assured that your loved ones will get to their appointments safely and on time. Do you have further questions or inquiries for us? Feel free to send us a message anytime! We’d love to assist you!

lady assisting senior woman